PVC Doors

PVC Doors come with a host of other benefits and are becoming the first choice of homeowners, builders, architects, designers and interior decorators.

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PVC Furniture

The durability and low cost have made PVC Furniture an excellent material to be used in outdoor settings and for indoor requirements.

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Wall Paneling / Ceiling

PVC panels are being popularly used as a cladding material for both walls and ceilings. They are versatile and can be used as an alternative to mineral fibre materials such as gypsum or POP.

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Modular Kitchen

Radium PVC Modular Kitchen is unique in the manner it furnishes kitchens. Radium PVC kitchen furniture is simple to clean, strong, and resistant to damage.

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Radium PVC Profile is a premier and well-known manufacturer of PVC profiles in India, since year 1992! We are the leading brand for Door frames, Door Shutter, False Ceiling, Partition, Kitchen cabinets, and Custom molded Profiles.