About Us

We set the trends of modern living.

“RADIUM PVC PROFILE” established in 1992, is a renowned manufacturer & service provider of all types of PVC products. PVC Doors, Door Frames, Door Shutters, False Ceilings, Partitions, Kitchen Cabinets, Wall Panelling, and Custom Moulded Profiles are some of our products. All of our products are given at a competitive price and are of high quality. We have a highly efficient and skilled quality control staff that ensures that our clients receive products that meet quality standards.


Our vision is to be a leading international PVC furniture manufacturer offering innovative and superior quality products. This statement reflects our purpose and anticipation for the future, inspiring factors that drive us forward in providing the best value-for-money products accompanied by the best service in the industry, right from design to delivery. One advantage of Radium PVC furniture is that it can be easily recycled without harming the environment or the material itself.


Our mission is to provide value to our clients by being consistent and flexible.
We want our customers to experience warmth and comfort through Respect and Trust. By following these rules, we will be able to attain our goals: 1. Prioritize Quality 2. Value for Money 3. Meet Customer’s Needs 4. Establish Relationships.

Radium PVC Profile is a premier and well-known manufacturer of PVC profiles in India, since year 1992! We are the leading brand for Door frames, Door Shutter, False Ceiling, Partition, Kitchen cabinets, and Custom molded Profiles.